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Display Banner Ad Sizes

Display banner ads are a powerful tool in digital advertising, allowing brands to showcase their messaging through graphical elements placed strategically across web pages. In ad:personam, we offer a range of ad sizes and formats to cater to various campaign objectives and maximize and performance.

Key Features of Display Banner Ads:

  1. Static and Animated Ads:
    • Static ads are clickable images that lead viewers to the targeted website.
    • Animated ads, created using , provide dynamic content to engage viewers and convey the message effectively.

Common Banner Ad Sizes Recommended by ad:personam:

  1. 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper):
    • Ideal for sidebars, this size offers high impact and visibility.
    • Allows for creative visuals and attracts the attention of page visitors.
  2. 120×600 (Skyscraper):
    • Perfect for displaying downward descending visuals in sidebars.
    • Its narrow width design enables placement in areas where broader ads may not fit.
  3. 300×250 (Medium Rectangle):
    • Known as the “Medium Rectangle,” this ad performs well in sidebars and among organic content.
    • Attracts a wider and offers a favorable advertising impact.
  4. 728×90 (Leaderboard):
    • Well-recognized and often found above navigation bars and in forums.
    • Grabs viewers' attention with its larger size and provides increased visibility.
  5. 300×600 (Half-Page Ad):
    • Offers a higher level of visibility due to its large size, covering nearly half of the web page.
    • Provides ample space for captivating content and better user engagement.
  6. 320×50 (Mobile):
    • Specifically designed for on mobile sites.
    • Also known as the Mobile Leaderboard or Smartphone Leaderboard, it optimizes the mobile advertising experience.
  7. 320×480 (Mobile Interstitial):
    • A full-screen ad size intended for smartphones.
    • Can be used as an interstitial ad between two pages, but should be limited to avoid annoyance.

Leveraging Ad:personam's Display Banner Ads: To make the most of your ad with ad:personam, consider the following strategies:

  1. Choose the right ad size: Select the ad size that best suits your campaign goals and target audience.
  2. Optimize creative visuals: Craft compelling and eye-catching visuals to captivate viewers' attention.
  3. Consider mobile optimization: Ensure your ads are responsive and optimized for mobile devices to reach users on the go.
  4. Monitor performance: Track the performance of your banner ads using ad:personam's reporting and analytics tools to refine and optimize your campaigns.

By leveraging the diverse range of ad sizes offered by ad:personam, you can effectively deliver your brand message and engage with your target audience across various platforms and devices.

For further guidance or if you have any questions, our ad:personam customer support team is ready to assist you. Get started today and unlock the full potential of display banner ads with ad:personam.