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Introducing the Smart Template: Your Guide to Successful Campaigns

In the swiftly evolving digital advertising sphere, ad:personam stands as an innovative beacon. As an avant-garde Self Serve DSP (Demand Side Platform) powered by Xandr Microsoft DSP, ad:personam provides you with a wealth of tools to simplify your workflows, giving you unprecedented control over your programmatic advertising strategies. We're excited to introduce you to our game-changing feature, the Smart Template.

Our Smart Templates are designed to guide you through the intricacies of setting up with pinpoint precision, making the process simple even for beginners. The feature comes equipped with a variety of templates tailored to your unique advertising needs. Moreover, once your campaign is launched, our optimization tools kick in to help you continually elevate performance and enhance conversions.

Choose Your Smart Template

Leverage the power of Contextual Segments to dynamically target web pages based on their content and themes. This is an innovative approach to deliver relevant messages to your customers. This feature is available with both our Starter and PRO Plan.

Our platform provides you with an extensive selection of target groups such as demographic, sociographic, interest, and B2B. Drawing from the most relevant 3rd party providers, we assist you in pinpointing the right audience for your campaign. Harness the power of our 3rd party network for high-quality audiences. Available with Starter & PRO Plan.

Serve ads to your target audience based on industry verticals and webpage content types. This smart template makes it easier to individuals who are actively seeking information or products that align with your business. Available with Starter & PRO Plan.

Retargeting is a powerful tool that helps you connect with potential customers and improve conversion rates. By showing ads to individuals who have previously visited your site, you can drive interest and conversions. Available with Starter & PRO Plan.

Harness the power of weather-based advertising with our Macro smart template. Serve macro-level ad experiences based on weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, and precipitation to ensure higher click-through rates. Available with PRO Plan.


Utilize video and audio files to reach a larger audience and enhance your brand presence. Our platform supports various formats & channels including in-stream, Outstream, and Audio. Available with PRO Plan.

Take your brand to new heights by providing a full-screen advertising experience on Connected TVs. This template combines programmatic efficiency and scale, offering a unique opportunity to expand your brand's presence beyond desktop and mobile screens. Available with PRO Plan.

Access Unrivaled Inventory & Data Marketplace

Importantly, ad:personam, powered by Xandr Microsoft DSP, provides full access and one-touch access to an all-encompassing inventory & data marketplace worldwide. Our platform presents a comprehensive selection of global inventory and 3rd party data providers across display, video, audio, and connected TVs. This grants you the ease of reaching high-quality audiences and premium sites, regardless of your goal – be it building brand awareness or driving conversions.

In conclusion, the Smart Template feature on ad:personam's Self Serve DSP is your one-stop solution to create, manage, and optimize successful advertising campaigns with precision, control, and transparency.

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