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Setting Your ad:personam Campaign Live: A Step-by-Step Guide

Congratulations! You've set up your account and are now ready to take your campaign live on the ad:personam platform. There are a few crucial steps and guidelines to keep in mind before launching your campaign. Here's a detailed guide to make your campaign live smoothly.

Ensure You Have an Active Subscription

Your campaign setup can only be completed if you have an active with ad:personam. We offer two plans – Starter and PRO. Depending on your subscription, you'll have access to different campaign templates and levels of support.

Understand the Campaign Timeline

In order to ensure the quality of your campaign, we conduct a . This means your campaign can start the next day at the earliest. The auditing process ensures that your creative ad is suitable for your target and meets our standards.

Processing of the Campaign Budget Payment

The campaign will only be set to active and start delivering on the set start date once the campaign payment has been processed. Please make sure that the payment is taken care of in a timely manner to avoid any delay in your campaign start date.

Creative Auditing

Once the campaign is set active, our team will start the creative audit. We generally complete the audit within one business day. However, the process may take longer if the auditing starts on a Friday or over the weekend. Please be assured that our team works diligently to complete the audit as quickly as possible.

Payment of the Campaign Budget Invoice

You will receive an for the campaign budget. It's essential to note that the invoice for the campaign budget needs to be paid within a timeframe of 14 days. However, remember that your campaign will start delivering only once the payment has been processed.

By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process in taking your campaign live. ad:personam is committed to providing you with a superior advertising experience and we are here to support you every step of the way. Happy advertising!

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