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Making Bank Transfer Payments

ad:personam provides various payment methods for your convenience, including bank transfers. If you prefer to make a payment via a traditional , this guide will walk you through the process step by step. Bank transfers are commonly used for accepting large payments from other businesses.


  1. Open the email:
    Upon receiving the invoice, open the email and review the payment details.
  2. Select “Bank Transfer” as the payment method:
    Choose the “Bank Transfer” option as your preferred payment method.
  3. Make the payment using the provided bank account details:
    Transfer the invoice amount to the bank account details provided in the invoice. ad:personam uses virtual bank account numbers (VBAN) that are unique for each customer. These VBANs are localized and regionally recognizable. For example, German customers' VBANs begin with “DE”.
  4. Include the unique transfer reference number:
    When making the bank transfer, ensure that you include the unique transfer reference number provided. This helps in accurately matching the payment to your account.
  5. and Automated Reconciliation:
    Once your payment is received, the amount transferred will be deposited in your Customer Balance. ad:personam utilizes automated reconciliation to match the payment with the corresponding invoice. Stripe, the payment processing software used by ad:personam, uses the transfer's reference code, amount, and date for reconciliation.
  6. Excess Payments:
    In the event that the amount transferred is more than the expected invoice amount, the difference will be added automatically to your Customer Balance. You can use this excess amount to reconcile future invoices or request a refund.
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