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Category: Ad Creatives

Display Banner Ad Sizes

Display banner ads are a powerful tool in digital advertising, allowing brands to showcase their messaging through graphical elements placed strategically across web pages. In ad:personam, we offer a range of ad sizes and formats to cater to various campaign objectives and maximize reach and performance. Key Features of Display . . . Read more

Building Landing Page URLs with UTM Parameters in ad:personam

In ad:personam, you have the ability to add campaign parameters to your landing page URLs, allowing you to track and gather additional information about the effectiveness of your ad campaigns using analytics software. By including UTM parameters in your URLs, you can gain valuable insights into the performance and impact . . . Read more

Adding Third-Party Tracking Tags to an Ad Creative

ad:personam, powered by the Xandr platform, functions as a full-service ad server built specifically for the real-time advertising business. Hosting your creatives with us allows you to fully leverage this technology. By doing so, you gain a single source for advanced reporting data, avoid paying ad serving fees to multiple . . . Read more

Reasons for Creative Rejection and Troubleshooting Tips

Important Notice: These policies apply to nearly all inventory sources, with some minor exceptions. All creatives should meet these criteria to be approved. Xandr reserves the right to update audit policies and integrate or amend acceptance criteria at any time. Troubleshooting Tips: Troubleshooting Tips: Troubleshooting Tips: Troubleshooting Tips: If you . . . Read more

Understanding Creative Auditing on ad:personam

Creative Auditing is an essential process followed by ad:personam, which is powered by Xandr, a Microsoft Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Our primary goal is to provide a secure and high-quality advertising platform for our valued users. Let’s explore the details of the creative auditing process: Please note that while we strive . . . Read more

Using Third-Party Ad Server Tags

Third-party ad tags, also known as creative tags or placement tags, are HTML or JavaScript code snippets inserted into web pages. These tags request the ad server to serve the requested ad. Popular examples of third-party ad servers include Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers) and Sizmek (now known . . . Read more

Uploading an Audio Ad

To upload an audio ad in ad:personam, follow these steps: By following these steps and considering the specified guidelines and specifications for audio ads, you can successfully upload your audio creative asset in ad:personam. This will allow you to incorporate audio ads into your programmatic advertising campaigns, effectively engaging your . . . Read more

Uploading a Video Ad

To upload a video ad in ad:personam, follow these steps: Recommended CTV Video Creative Specifications: When creating CTV video ads, ensure that your video files adhere to these specifications to optimize their performance on connected TV platforms. By following these steps and considering the specific specifications for video ads, you . . . Read more

Creating Native Ads

Native advertising is a powerful form of advertising that seamlessly blends with the platform it is displayed on, providing a natural and non-intrusive advertising experience. To create compelling native ads, follow these steps: To set up a native ad in ad:personam, follow these specific instructions: By following these steps, you . . . Read more

Upload an HTML5 Banner Ad

To upload an HTML5 banner ad in ad:personam, follow these steps: Technical Requirements: Creative Landing Pages: Actions: Content Requirements: By following these requirements, you can ensure that your HTML5 banner ad meets the technical, landing page, action, and content standards set by ad:personam and Xandr.