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Change Log

Welcome to the ad:personam software development project, a dynamic and transformative platform designed to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape. Our platform has been built using state-of-the-art technologies to provide our users with a robust, secure, and user-friendly environment.

At the core of our platform is our front-end web application, meticulously crafted using ReactJS. Renowned for its efficiency and flexibility, ReactJS enables us to provide a dynamic, single page application that is intuitive and highly responsive. This ensures a seamless user experience, facilitating straightforward navigation and efficient operations.

Our application is securely hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, a testament to our unwavering commitment to security and reliability. AWS not only ensures the protection of user data but also offers a scalable environment that is prepared to accommodate future growth and enhancements.

Our API is the backbone of our platform, handling all user data and interfacing with our key integrations, namely Xandr DSP and Stripe. Xandr DSP enhances our functionality by enabling seamless operations, while Stripe provides secure online payment processing, ensuring your financial transactions remain safe and reliable.

We’ve also integrated Sentry for efficient monitoring and Google’s BigQuery for our reporting dashboard, both of which play crucial roles in maintaining the seamless operation of our platform.

In line with our commitment to transparency and constant improvement, we maintain an updated changelog page detailing all software updates, enhancements, and bug fixes. As we stride forward in this journey of relentless innovation and evolution in the world of digital advertising, we invite you to join us, confident in the knowledge that ad:personam is always striving for excellence.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.36.26 (July 13, 2023)

We’re excited to announce another round of improvements to ad:personam. With task FRON-329, users can now multi-select conversion pixels for reporting across all campaign types, adding another level of flexibility and control to your ad reporting.
In task FRON-337, we’ve updated the default CPM values. Users can now select higher CPMs, expanding the range of bidding options for advertisers.
In an effort to streamline the campaign creation process, task FRON-340 has enabled goal pixel selection only for CPA optimization types. Now, users only need to select pixels if the campaign optimization type chosen is CPA.
Further improving our campaign optimization options, we’ve added CPCV name to Optimization types (FRON-342), expanding your array of choices for campaign strategies.
Finally, we’ve implemented improvements in the in-app analytics and notifications with FRON-344. These enhancements will improve your user experience, help you monitor your campaign performance more effectively, and keep you updated with relevant notifications.
As always, we’re working hard to make your experience with ad:personam as seamless and effective as possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.32.22 (July 07, 2023)

This update ushers in significant enhancements to our video campaign capabilities and analytics, offering a more robust and insightful experience for our users. Starting with task FRON-328, we are introducing the use of contextual segments for video campaigns, enabling our users to target their video ads more effectively.
In addition, we’ve addressed and updated the brand safety CTV default segments (FRON-335), replacing the deprecated segment id 28734638 with the updated Peer39: OTT-CTV>Safety & Suitability>Peer39 Verified Valid Channels (id 28734646). This change ensures the continued integrity and safety of your campaigns.
Finally, we’ve made significant improvements to the analytics for our Pricing Table (FRON-330). As always, we are committed to constantly improving ad:personam for our users, and we thank you for your support and feedback.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.31.22 (June 30, 2023)

In this update, we’re focusing on streamlining the user interface and improving overall usability. The aesthetic enhancements include an update to our theme (FRON-311), styles (FRON-312), and the background and accent colors (FRON-315), making the interface more intuitive and pleasing to the eye. We’ve also revisited the text on our sign-up and login screens (FRON-317), and revised the copy on our Dashboard and TopBar (FRON-324) for greater clarity and accessibility. In this release, we have completely replaced the old Advertiser Cards with a brand-new Advertiser Table (FRON-319, FRON-322), which provides enhanced data presentation and user interaction. Finally, we’ve addressed a significant issue with our manifest.json (FRON-314), a critical part of enabling ad:personam to function as a Chrome web app. This fix is pivotal, as it allows users to install ad:personam as a web app on their Chrome browsers, both on mobile devices and computers. This provides our users with a more accessible, convenient, and integrated way to manage their campaigns and make the most of ad:personam’s features.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.25.19 (June 15, 2023)

In this update, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Knowledge Base website hosted at help.adpersonam.io. This resource-packed platform, a result of task FRON-310, comes equipped with an extensive range of posts and articles designed to assist our users in navigating and utilizing the ad:personam platform. As part of this upgrade, we’ve also updated all internal help links within the app to redirect to the new Knowledge Base, ensuring our users have instant and easy access to the support they need. Dive into our Knowledge Base and empower your advertising journey with ad:personam!

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.24.19 (June 14, 2023)

In this update, we’re improving our security and email communication by upgrading SendGrid Library and associated libraries that were using older TLS versions (FRON-309).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.24.18 (May 22, 2023)

This update fixes a bug where users were unable to retrieve reports for custom dates (FRON-303).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.24.17 (April 22, 2023)

We’re enhancing the Admin API capabilities by allowing admins to add URLs via a CSV file upload, and enabling users to edit/view URLs via the existing GET /inventory-items API (FRON-301).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.24.16 (February 12, 2023)

We’ve introduced several new features in this update. These include retrieving campaign spend information via BigQuery (FRON-150), improving our financial transactions tracking system (FRON-211), and making it easier to share domain lists and campaigns (FRON-256, FRON-257). We’ve also fixed a few bugs and enhanced our APIs, addressing issues with audience pixel creation, Stripe invoice updates, and user notifications about budget changes (FRON-292, FRON-293, FRON-295, FRON-287, FRON-289).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.18.13 (February 1, 2023)

This update corrects a problem with retargeting campaign segments (FRON-294), improving targeting capabilities and campaign performance.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.18.12 (January 20, 2023)

We’ve updated our error tracking software’s configuration, Sentry, to ensure a more reliable and robust service for our users (FRON-291).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.18.11 (January 17, 2023)

In this release, we made major improvements to the Advertiser Dashboard (FRON-290), enhancing its usability and providing a more intuitive user experience. We’ve also incorporated Sentry (FRON-291), an application monitoring platform that helps us identify and resolve issues faster, ensuring a smoother user experience on the platform.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.16.11 (December 28, 2022)

Our December update offers a range of new features. The addition of geo cities targeting (FRON-258) enables more precise ad campaign customization. We’ve also launched a new Segment Loads Report service (FRON-261) for better data insights. With the new ‘uncategorized’ targeting feature (FRON-284), users can target a broader audience. We’ve also enhanced existing services like DomainDailyReportService (FRON-264) and integrated the Stripe Pricing Table (FRON-280) for improved financial transaction management. As for bugs, we’ve updated the display name on the Creative Preview Page (FRON-278) for clarity.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.9.11 (December 4, 2022)

This update primarily focuses on data reporting services and tracking. We have added tracking events to campaign updates (FRON-269) and updated the Google Sign-In tracking pixel (FRON-275). We’ve also made it easier to view Creative Audit Status (FRON-255) and resolved the issue with fetching user subscriptions (FRON-276).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.7.9 (November 26, 2022)

This release introduces the ability to log in/sign up via Google oAuth (FRON-244), providing users with a faster and simpler authentication process. We’ve also updated our AuthenticationService to handle user groups added for federated identities (FRON-273). Additionally, we fixed an issue where inactive campaigns could not be deleted (FRON-254).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.5.8 (November 12, 2022)

We’ve updated our system to include the region_action parameter (FRON-252) and have fine-tuned our user messaging system to provide more precise error messages, specifically for non-subscriber users trying to create campaigns (FRON-253).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.5.6 (November 4, 2022)

This release includes a couple of enhancements to give you more flexibility when handling campaigns. Now you can set ‘null’ for engagement_rate_targets when editing campaigns (FRON-249). We’ve also updated our Content Category list (FRON-251) for broader content category targeting.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.3.5 (October 27, 2022)

We’ve made a significant enhancement to our creative capabilities by enabling HTML creatives and VAST creatives for all users (FRON-247), broadening the array of ad types that users can deploy.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.3.4 (October 26, 2022)

In this update, we’ve added an option for user input CPM (FRON-242), giving users more control over their cost per mille. Plus, we’ve added an extra line in the HELP section of the dashboard page (FRON-246) for better assistance.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.2.3 (October 22, 2022)

We’re excited to announce the integration of the Stripe Edit Invoice API

(FRON-166). This provides users with greater control and flexibility over their billing and payment processes.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.1.3 (October 21, 2022)

This update addresses a bug where updated campaigns were being set to inactive (FRON-240). This issue has been resolved and you can now confidently update campaigns knowing they will remain active.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.1.2 (October 21, 2022)

We’ve focused on improving our campaign management features in this release. Our team has refined the duplication process (FRON-230), solved issues related to duplicating “reach” campaigns (FRON-235), and more. Additionally, users can now change the optimization of their campaigns (FRON-233).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.0.1 (September 27, 2022)

This update addresses a critical bug where updating creatives on Xandr was leading to exceptions (FRON-227). This issue has been resolved to ensure smooth operation of the platform.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 3.0.0 (September 27, 2022)

This major release brings an updated design for the Smart Template Campaign Selector (FRON-222), along with new CTV Campaign Templates (FRON-223) and CTV Segments Targeting (FRON-224). This release also fixes a bug to prevent multiple video file uploads (FRON-221) and updates the campaign type model (FRON-215).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.2.5 (September 23, 2022)

Our focus in this update is to enhance your creative uploading experience. We’ve redesigned Creative Uploads (FRON-217) to make the process more user-friendly. Plus, you can now upload HTML5 ads (FRON-219). We fixed a bug related to the success toast for downweighted campaigns (FRON-207) and another one that caused errors when selecting certain regions (FRON-214). We also addressed an AdOps request for third party tags via Snippets (FRON-218).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.2.4 (September 20, 2022)

In this release, we’ve added functionalities to improve your control over campaigns and domains. Users can now create a customer balance transaction when a campaign is downweighted (FRON-154), and edit their existing domains list by adding & removing URLs (FRON-206). Several tasks were accomplished including updating the Xandr Service GET /inventory-items API (FRON-197), creating a DELETE Inventory-items Xandr Service API (FRON-198), and improving domain management (FRON-202, FRON-203, FRON-204). We also made changes to improve file upload (FRON-212) and redirect users appropriately when the domains list fails (FRON-213).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.2.3 (September 12, 2022)

This release introduces a new feature that allows users to duplicate live & completed campaigns, and a new smart template for content categories. We also resolved a bug that caused an error when removing all the targeting segments from a dropdown (FRON-191). Several tasks were accomplished, including updates to the Profile model (FRON-188, FRON-190) and design and FE utils updates (FRON-192, FRON-193).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.2.2 (August 24, 2022)

In this update, we introduced reverse charge tax statements on campaign invoices for EU Customers (FRON-175). We also updated the price for Starter Subscription & Pricing Table (FRON-186).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.2.1 (August 20, 2022)

This release includes the addition of predicted viewability targets to campaigns. We also fixed a bug that resulted in an “Cannot read properties of undefined ” error when updating video campaigns (FRON-182). We completed several tasks, including implementing Stripe Pricing Table (FRON-177), and adding custom names to marketing audience and conversion pixel (FRON-173, FRON-174).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.2.0 (August 6, 2022)

This update introduces the ability to resume paused campaigns, retrieve current targeting settings when updating campaigns, and offers dropdown search for segments, countries, and regions. We also resolved a bug related to the buyer_segment_performance report (FRON-161), and made other enhancements like enabling Stripe Bank Transfer (FRON-146), and more.

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.1.0 (June 13, 2022)

This update focuses on improving customer support and campaign management. We have integrated Crisp.chat for customer support automation (FRON-129) and added the ability to delete campaigns and snippets objects (FRON-131, FRON-132). We have also improved multi-selection for Segment Targeting for Context & Audience Templates (FRON-144) and extended the due date for campaign invoices to 14 days (FRON-142).

ad:personam Software Update – Version 2.0.0 (May 23, 2022)

Welcome to our first major update! We’re excited to announce new features and improvements that offer more flexibility and control over your advertising campaigns.

What’s New

  1. Campaign Editing: Tweak your campaigns—upweight or downweight budget, extend dates, and update targeting settings—straight from the campaign dashboard (FRON-89).
  2. Demo Mode: A risk-free way to explore our product, demo mode lets you set up campaigns and explore features like smart templates, targeting settings, and optimization without committing to a purchase.
  3. Multi Currency: To make your experience smoother, we now support USD and GBP, alongside EUR. Advertiser budgets, goal targets, and reporting will inherit the chosen currency (FRON-28, FRON-78, FRON-91).
  4. Disable Optimisation: Override the optimization algorithm to reach your target audience more often. By selecting “Reach” as your optimization type, you ensure your ads get in front of the users you want (FRON-64).
  5. No Pixel. No Problem!: Run simple CPC campaigns without pixel or tracking setup, perfect for those who want to get started quickly (FRON-100).

Story Highlights

  • We’ve enhanced Admin Data Management (FRON-30) and fixed the end date issue for IOs (FRON-77).
  • We now enable user Jira profile creation on email confirmation (FRON-55) and tax id collection at the Stripe checkout page (FRON-54).
  • Starter subscription now has access to audience and domain list APIs (FRON-57, FRON-58).
  • We’ve enabled the update and deletion of custom segments (FRON-71), and made enhancements to our logging system (FRON-74).
  • We’ve updated our campaign payment flow (FRON-75) and the Customer Stripe ID on Cognito is now updated if null (FRON-72).
  • We also fixed a bug where the SelectedAdvertiser was removed after two consecutive refreshes (FRON-85).

Task Highlights

  • Password requirements have been added to the sign-up form for enhanced security (FRON-52).
  • The category domain list dropdown is no longer required (FRON-66), and we’ve added an advertiser URL to the Slack notification (FRON-68).
  • Users are now redirected to the Campaign Page once the campaign is created and an invoice is issued (FRON-82).
  • We’ve also made several updates to our profile model (FRON-63, FRON-99), user permissions (FRON-103), and added error notifications (FRON-101).