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Your Complete Guide to Setting Up an Advertiser with ad:personam

Embarking on your journey with ad:personam? Congratulations! To make the most of our powerful advertising platform, there are some crucial steps you need to take. Here's your comprehensive guide to setting up an account, uploading creatives, creating conversion pixels, and more.

Creating an Advertiser

The first step to utilizing ad:personam is creating your advertiser account. It's important to note that the setup you complete under one advertiser account is unique to that account, and cannot be shared with another. This includes all creatives, conversion pixels, remarketing audiences, and domain lists associated with the account.

To create your advertiser account, sign up or log in on the ad:personam platform, and click on “Create Advertiser” in the section of the app. Fill in the necessary details and submit. Once your account is verified, you're all set to start your ad:personam journey!

Uploading a Creative Ad

Next, it's time to upload your creative ads. You can do this by heading to the Creatives section in your advertiser account. Here, you can upload the ad files and fill in the necessary details for each creative. Remember, each creative should be engaging, well-designed, and in-line with your campaign goals.

Creating and Implementing a Conversion Pixel

A crucial part of any digital marketing campaign is tracking conversions. ad:personam uses a tool called a conversion pixel for this. You can create a conversion pixel in the Pixels section of your advertiser account.

After creating your conversion pixel, you'll need to implement the . The Universal Pixel is a code snippet that you add to your website to track user behavior, conversions, and gather data for remarketing. After adding the Universal Pixel to your website, make sure it's working correctly before proceeding with your .

(Optional) Creating Remarketing Audiences

Want to make your campaigns more targeted? Consider creating remarketing audiences. This feature, linked to the implementation of the Universal Pixel, lets you define a specific group of users based on their behavior on your website. By creating a remarketing , you can ensure your ads the people most likely to engage with them.

(Optional) Creating Domain Lists

Another optional feature to consider is creating a domain list. This is a list of that you either want to target or exclude from your campaigns. Creating a domain list can further refine your targeting strategy, ensuring your ads appear only on relevant websites.

Remember, every step you take in setting up your advertiser account helps enhance the performance of your campaigns. The more detailed and thorough your setup, the better the results you can expect from your ad:personam campaigns.

Start your journey with ad:personam today, and harness the power of intelligent programmatic advertising for your business!

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