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Mastering Campaign Management: How to Edit Your ad:personam Campaign

In the dynamic world of programmatic advertising, flexibility and adaptability are crucial for success. ad:personam empowers advertisers with the ability to edit campaign settings both before and during the campaign's runtime. This guide walks you through how to effectively edit your campaign to optimise your advertising strategy and performance.

Why Edit Your Campaign?

Before Launch

Sometimes, after initially setting up your campaign, you might identify areas of improvement or need to adapt to new business circumstances. Prior to the campaign going live, you may want to revise key aspects like:

  • Adjusting your allocation based on your financial strategy
  • Modifying targeting settings to ensure your ads the most relevant

During the Campaign

Once your campaign has kicked off and you start collecting performance data, you may identify opportunities for or necessary adjustments. This could involve:

  • Tuning campaign parameters based on performance data to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increasing or decreasing the budget in response to the campaign's performance or changes in business needs

Step-by-Step Guide to Edit a Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Campaign Page in the ad:personam interface.
  2. Identify the campaign you wish to edit and click on the corresponding ‘Edit' button.
  3. You'll be redirected to the ‘Campaign Details' page, providing a comprehensive overview of your current campaign settings.
  4. Click the ‘Update' button to enter the editing interface.

Important Note

While ad:personam provides considerable flexibility in editing your campaign, there are a few parameters that cannot be modified once the campaign has been created. These include:

  • Campaign Name: This serves as the unique identifier for your campaign.
  • Start Date: The commencement date for your campaign.
  • Optimisation Type: The optimisation method chosen during campaign creation.

Managing Your Campaign Budget

Along with the capacity to edit your campaign settings, ad:personam offers the ability to manage your campaign's budget actively. This flexibility is critical to adjusting your strategy based on performance, current financial considerations, or changing business objectives. This guide will outline how you can modify your campaign budget, what happens when you do, and some important terms you should know.

Key Definitions

  • Status Inactive: This refers to a campaign that has been created but hasn't been funded yet, i.e., the campaign's budget hasn't been paid.
  • Status Active: This indicates a live campaign for which the budget invoice has been paid.
  • Budget Change Downweight: This action reduces the campaign budget.
  • Budget Change Upweight: This action increases the campaign budget.

What Happens When You Adjust Your Budget?

For Inactive

An inactive campaign is one that has been set up but not yet funded. In this case, you can either increase (upweight) or decrease (downweight) the budget. When you adjust the budget for an inactive campaign, the original invoice is voided, and a new invoice is issued. Note that you can change the budget for an inactive campaign up to four times. If more edits are required, simply duplicate the campaign and continue editing.

For Active Campaigns

When your campaign is live, or active, you have several budget management options:

  1. Downweight (Reduce Budget): This action is immediate, reducing the allocated budget instantly. The difference between the original budget and the newly adjusted budget will be credited to your .
  2. Upweight (Increase Budget): An invoice will be issued for the amount that represents the difference between the original and new budget. Note that the budget change will only take effect once the payment for the new invoice is processed.
  3. : If you decide to pause your active campaign and do not resume it before the campaign end date, ad:personam will credit your balance equal to the underdelivery amount within 24 hours after the campaign end date.

Being able to adapt your campaign based on performance data and changing business requirements is a powerful advantage offered by ad:personam. By understanding how to edit your campaign effectively, you can ensure your advertising strategy remains optimal and relevant at all times.
Budget management is a vital aspect of campaign optimisation. By comprehending how to adjust your budget in ad:personam, you can maintain financial control while effectively steering your campaign toward your desired objectives. Always remember to monitor your campaign's performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal outcomes.

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